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...because KNOWING is HEALING!"

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Site updated Saturday, September 7, 2019


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    My latest blog is up, called "On "Time", a discussion of our view of time, and it starts "My thoughts here emerge from my studies of Eckhart Tolle (The Power Of Now), Lao Tsu (The Tao De Ching), and Alan Watts (Podcasts and YouTube, The Way Of Zen), among others, in addition to my own numerous journeys into Spirit and to Consciousness itself. It is vital, in talking about human time (for we are the only species who have invented such a concept), to really get down first what an illusion it is. In reality, there are only two planes, if you will: the present moment, and eternity." Click here to find the whole blog, at the top of the list!

    If you would prefer to find a different shaman, click here to find others in your state!

    I have renamed my site to bring it more in line with what it offers...shamanic help!

    New book reviews in the "recommended books, dvds" page accessible through the nav links!

    Welcome to your "one-stop" destination for Shamanic journeys, soul retrieval and restoration, assistance in all facets of self-healing, past life illuminations, present life counseling, accessing deceased loved ones, tarot and I-ching readings/divinations and more...

    First, please know I (as with many shamans) am NOT in this discipline to make money. We consider this ability a gift to be shared freely. I do not charge for my healing services. However, I would like to ask you to keep in mind the millenia-old tradition of honoring the work the spirits do through me for you with whatever contribution you feel their work was worth via my PayPal link, AFTER we are done. I am putting this up front and center because, since I do my healing work at no charge to you, one loving opportunity you have to thank the spirit helpers is to help forward my work through a gift. All sites and tools cost money, and you will be helping support the future works that occur here. :) PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO DO THIS. ALL GIFTS SHOULD BE GIVEN FREELY. :) Suggested gifting amounts are here:

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    What is Shamanism?

    Shamanism has been practiced across every pre-Western culture for thousands of years. It is now flourishing again across our world, as traditional religious organizations fall short in helping some people reach full spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical health, and achieve their spiritual destiny.

    "Shamans" are those people through whom healing and sustenance flow from helpers and guides in the spirit world to those who come seeking his or her help.

    Why is it important?

    Whoever you are, and wherever you are in the world, you might have had some sort of "paranormal" event in your life that defies the rules of our reality.

    • You may have seen a ghost or had a vivid visit from a deceased loved one. Or seen a large light portal which either did or did not emit strange creatures, but nonetheless was a flood of light where there should have been none.
    • You may have suddenly smelled perfume of a deceased mother, or had light switches or ceiling fans or doors operate with no human intervention.
    • You may have had a vivid dream in which other-worldly beings manipulated you...only to awake and find physical evidence that it happened.
    • You may have sensed an event before it happened.
    • You may have felt "something" leave you under great stress, and you have never been the same since.
    • You may feel you or your family/friends have been cursed, either with your knowledge or without.

    Finally, you may feel a connectedness to something much grander than your present Earth existence, but can't quite figure out why or what it is.

    All of these events, feelings and/or intuitions, and others like it, are very real. The spirit world and our "reality" are seemingly separate, but the only wall between them is created by our five senses and our belief structures.

    When the spirit world pierces that wall, it can leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. But all things come from the spirit world which in turn is guided and maintained by the "creator" consciousness which we all share.

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    About Ken (Shaman Four Hawks)

    I have been training in, learning of, and experiencing the shamanic spirit world for nineteen years. As with all specialists in shamanism, mine is a practice unique to myself. It is a blend of Mongolian, Peruvian, Celtic, and other shamanic disciplines, with a dash of other tried and true methods. I began my path in Roman Catholicism 60 years ago, and am grateful for both the enticement of mystery it engendered in me, as well as the exposure to one of the great shamans at its core.

    I have journeyed to the spirit world (using a ritual I have adapted involving drum beats of approximately 6 cycles per second...the oldest technique around) for myself and hundreds of clients over 1400 times. No helping subtances are involved or needed, by the way The results have been effective, often amazing and sometimes unbelievable.

    Among my abilities are:

    • Discoveries and interventions (both locally and at a distance) in all types of illnesses, human and otherwise
    • Visiting the deceased, again, human or otherwise
    • Divinations
    • Finding lost objects
    • Discerning life paths
    • Past life illuminations
    • Journey training
    • Life issues counselling
    • Intention oils
    • ...... and more.


    "Here is a very recent testimonial I received, reprinted with permission: "Ken's website has helped me navigate through a challenging time in my life.
    When I first discovered it, I felt wave after wave of resonance with my own experience, awe at the amount of work Ken has done to articulate his journeys, and inspiration at the example he sets for others in their search for meaning in life.''

    Thanks so much to this client!!

    Other testimonials are at this page

    Links of Interest

    I have added a new page that lists links of interest to the shamanic practice that I typically paste on my Facebook page, Shamanic Path (for those without a Facebook presence, this list of links will be kept updated).

    IF YOU ARE IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION AND NEED ME ASAP, text me at 1-603-380-4437 or email me at kensne1111@gmail.com. Keep in mind I am in the eastern time zone of the United States.

    NON-emergency contact information: Kindly click on the "Contact Info" link.

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